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With Cii, You Won't Miss a Thing

One area that causes a lot of concern when it comes to cloud migration is downtime. How can you stay productive throughout the migration process when there is inherent downtime? When it comes to moving your applications to the cloud, it doesn't have to be a long, convoluted, and chaotic process. Cii's Cloud Migration services work to effectively minimize downtime, with seamless integration across the board for all of your applications. Our team synchronizes your technology to the cloud in parallel, meaning the entire process is taken care of while you're still working in-office.

Benefits Of

A Cloud Migration Strategy


Seamless remote

data storage.

Scalable options for on-boarding new staff members and incorporating new technology into your environment.

Minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

Reduced carbon

Moving To a Cloud Platform Has Never Been Easier.

Cii takes the time to determine what services you need and how to seamlessly move them to your new cloud-based virtual desktop platform.


Don't Suffer Unnecessary Downtime

Why disrupt workflow and stifle productivity if you don't have to? At Cii, we make your move to the cloud a simple proposition. Don't let concerns about data migration or whether or not a cloud environment is suitable for your daily process ward you off-it's the right choice for any company looking to keep costs low, while still upgrading your IT environment. Few IT providers sync your technology while you're still using it. At Cii, our goal is to minimize downtime wherever we can. With our time-efficient and cost-effective cloud migration, we're the perfect partner to mitigate migration issues that so often derail other companies. We test your solution every step of the way so that every unique part of your environment is reflected in your brand new cloud solution.



What Solution Is Right For You?

Finding an IT provider that takes the time to understand exactly what you're looking for from a cloud solution might seem impossible, but Cii is here to help. From Google Cloud to Office 365, we can install a wide range of quality cloud solutions that fit your long-term goals seamlessly, and put you in the best position to succeed. We get to know your entire network at a nuanced, in-depth level so that our migration process is as smooth as possible, and shatters the limitations of what you might have thought you could achieve. Choose a partner that understands what you're looking for and that can actually deliver it. The last thing you need is to slow progress down with a solution that doesn't align with your business objectives. Work with a provider that's only goal is to help you get to where you want to be. Choose Cii for your cloud migration process.

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